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I was inspired to start this rescue when a good friend of mine was taken from us way too early, it was then that I realised that I needed to do something more, something that I was passionate about. I was not sure what that would be. 

Then we adopted a beautiful German Shepherd called Jasper, sadly Jasper had a medical condition that meant he was only with us for a short time. And I found myself saying goodbye to another friend too early. It was then that I saw an ad for a rescue shepherd, I applied to be told that they didn't send dogs interstate to Tasmania as there was no rescue backup here. I also started looking at other rescues and discovered the amazing German Shepherd Rescue Victoria and met Ange the founder. The advice that Ange gave me was invaluable and I knew what my next move was.

So inspired by the wonderful loving healing and musical Jasper and my friend Mike German Shepherd Rescue Tasmania was started by me in September 2014.

We decided to be a breed specific rescue not because we don't love all dogs but so as to not be overwhelmed with dogs there are other groups that take all breeds and they get a lot more funding than we do. Also German Shepherds are one breed that can struggle to cope in shelters and pounds and has due to bad breeding developed several issues. 

We will take any dog in any condition. We take the dogs in get them checked by the vet for any medical problems and treatment if required. We desex any entire dogs that come into our care as that way we can be assured that they will not be used for Back yard breeding contributing to the number of dogs needing assistance.

We make sure the dogs are vaccinated and treated for worms and fleas as well as give them the basics with obedience. 

With the number of dogs increasing and support growing it was decided that we would formalise the Rescue so we incorporated and became a registered charity.

With a strong volunteer committee we are rescuing even more dogs and helping more people.

We have also been able to assist other rescues interstate when we were asked to do and this has seen some amazing dogs come to us seven so far. 

Our aim is to continue to grow and save even more dogs and educate the public to the perils of buying a pup from a back yard breeder or puppy farm. 


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