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Feeding our German Shepherds

LifeWise has been a game changer to our rescue, we always had to deal with upset stomachs with new dogs as they transitioned onto the foods we fed but since using LifeWise we have not had this issue.


A German Shepherd rescue dog eating LifeWise dog food
Grandad enjoying his LifeWise

The dogs thrive on LifeWise, it helps clear up many issues dogs can come in with, itchy skin, hot spots, dull coat, sensitive stomach and also helps with the behaviour of the dogs.


The support from LifeWise is not just in the food but also the people.

Bill from LifeWise is always friendly and helpful and with his advice the dogs here are certainly happy and healthy.

A rescue German Shepherd in Tasmania with LifeWise dog food
Miss Sparkles posing with all the yummy foods from LifeWise!

We have never had a dog refuse LifeWise, they love it so much we use it for training also.

With the support from LifeWise we have been able to make a difference in the lives of so many dogs.


If your dog has health issues and you don’t already feed your pets LifeWise, then we really do recommend checking it out, it has changed the lives of so many, we can't recommend it enough!

Like Bill from LifeWise says “Good health starts with the gut”.

Head over to the LifeWise website here: LIFEWISE WEBSITE

A German Shepherd with lifeWise Dog Food Tasmania, Australia
Buddy inspecting his bag of LifeWise!

They also have a great blog post about Fear, anxiety, and stress and what LifeWise BIOTIC F.A.S. Calm can do for your dog.

We have seen LifeWise stocked in Petstock stores locally.

Thanks for reading!


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